When Fred and I were married my first job was to support him in finishing his college degree.  We moved into a one room basement walk out apartment from fall of 1958 to winter of 1959/60.  I worked for the University of Missouri food service during that period and at the time of Fred’s graduation I was 7 months pregnant with our son Kenneth.  My job from then until now has been homemaker, seamstress, and chef for my family, a job that I have very much enjoyed.  Our daughter, Phyllis, joined us in June of 1961.

     I have always enjoyed sewing as demonstrated by my car’s licence plate :


     I like to cook but just wish that “he” would give me more menu suggestions.  I love flowers and at one time was known as the flower lady in our neighborhood because of the various flower beds in our yard.  My flower beds have been reduced or eliminated because of our many travels and time away from home which doesn’t leave enough time for the care that they need.