The pictures below were taken December 4, 2016

when we arrived home from dealership in Cleveland, WI

2017 Host Rainier SB Truck Camper

The truck was purchased May 16, 2017

2015 Ford F-450 6.7L Diesel Crew Cab 4X4

Some pictures of previous trailers and information on our truck combinations.

Our first retirement RV, a 1999 Jayco Designer bought in June 1999 and pulled a total of 27,780 miles.

The first 2 trips were pulled with our 1995 F-250 7.5L gas truck. After our first mountain pulling experience we traded for a 2000 F-350 7.3L diesel.

Our next trailer, a 2004 Holiday Rambler Presidential.  We traded the Jayco and picked this one up at the dealers on January 21, 2004.  This one we pulled a total of 43,947 miles.

Pulled with the 2000 F-350 until the beginning of 2006 when we traded for a new F-350 6.0L diesel

Then in September 2008 we traded for this Carriage Cameo.  We pulled this trailer for 25,519 miles.

The 2006 F-350 pulled this trailer for all those miles.

From our experiences with the other three trailers we ordered this HitchHiker Discover America to be built to our specifications. We picked it up at the factory in Chanute, KS on January 4, 2011. We pulled this trailer for 75,364 miles.

On a trip in 2011 in the state of Washington pulling this trailer our 2006 F-350 had major mechanical issues which after repairs was traded for a 2011 F-350 6.7L diesel.

That 2011 F-350 was used to bring the Host Rainier Truck Camper home from the dealers before being traded for the 2015  F-450.